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  1. I downloaded Resilio to my Mac and selected my Documents folder as a sync folder. I also added RS to my laptop and phone. As soon as I set it up I noticed that 1/4 of my original files went missing from their original folders -see example attached. The ghost folder is still on my HD and the actual file is in Resilio but I need it synced not relocated. I am very concerned that if I were to uninstall RS, all my original files would be deleted as well. I understand it's a one way sync but it appears to be going in the wrong direction. I'd like to remove RS from my devices completely due to my concerns but need some guidance how to sync the two folders so my files are back where they belong. Please assist. I thought about just copy and pasting the Resilio folder into my Docs folder on my HD but then I'd end up with 20g of dupes. Due to your size limit for photos, you will need to enlarge the attachment.