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  1. Update: I paused sync on both sides, allowing the node where I added the original folder, to finish indexing. After it was done indexing, I reenabled sync on both nodes, and so far it seems to be syncing fine for the last hour or so, as it would crash earlier ~13 minutes after I started up the Windows Service on the original node.
  2. I've been successfully using Sync (5 user license) for a long time on several nodes, one is Windows 10 Pro and others are various ARM boards running armbian (2 x Odroid HC2, one PCDuinoNano, 1 Linksys WRT1900ACS running openwrt + debian chroot). A few days ago I decided to let Sync handle my photos directory which until now was synced by hand (and FreeFileSync). This is a ~500GB directory with ~62K files and ~1400 subdirectories. ~50% of the files are ~6MB JPEG and the other 50% are ~23MB Canon RAW files. None of my previously shared directories was even remotely close to that size by a f
  3. I wanted to share a method I usccessfully used to run Resilio sync without any modifications on my Linksys OpenWRT1900ACS running OpenWRT (with a USB3 attached disk). Since OpenWRT uses different libraries than what resilio sync usually requires, my solution was to create a chroot environment on the external USB disk attached to the router. I had to use a different armhf system already running debian (in my case it was a pcduino3nano board running armbian). debootstrap --arch armhf jessie /mnt/disk1/armbian http://httpredir.debian.org/debian tar cpjf /mnr/disk1/armbian-rootfs.tar