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  1. Wondering if it's related to android os or how the sync app is written? Like... in windows, you cannot have ? <> /\, etc in the file name. Is "%" something native android cannot read as a file name?
  2. Today I revisit to this issue, trying to recreate it. (I notice it because it is holding up that 1% from finishing syncing) I found 3 unicode for the % Unicode Character “%” (U+0025) - Standard Shift+5 % Unicode Character “%” (U+FF05) - Full width % sign Unicode Character “﹪” (U+FE6A) - Small % sign First I tested with the notepad, seems like I can read the file after sync, the names didn't get changed. Then I randomly generated a mp3 and named it to the same convention. After sync, the names appear to be correct on the device, but only the Standard % cannot be opened (I can play the other 2 files tho).
  3. I have an idea of a work around (I am a new user also) On the NAS, create a folder with 2 folders inside (one for you and one for your wife) Inside Sync, select your camera folder from your android, and sync them into the right folders inside your NAS (The 2 folders mention earlier). Hope that helps
  4. Today I went back to the folder and check. I have (32) of these files that are the same size. This is not the only file that has problem. All of these will add up in size and fill up my storage soon.
  5. Since I have no wifi around the area, I enabled my phone hotspot (Note 8). My other android can connect to it, but sync cannot see the peer. When I turn on my laptop and connect to the hotspot, the android can see the laptop as one of the peer, but still cannot see the phone (Note 8) as one of the peer. On the Note 8, I have turned on the "use mobile data" but nothing says about the hotspot.
  6. especially when it's out of sync. I would like to easily locate that file and do something to it. I have files in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The asian characters are not as easy to type. the ability to copy them under the peer list would be nice. Thanks
  7. I am coming from syncthing after facing a lot of out of sync problems, and wanted a fire and forget solution for my setup. I have other "problems" but this one is more critical right now. I have a PC, Laptop, and 3 android that I sync with. The PC is the only master (read only) In the other devices: I turn off the selective sync (so files are always in sync when connected), and I also turned on "overwrite changed files" I saw some out of sync items yesterday, so I deleted them on the other devices and let the PC overwrites them with the fresh updated files. Today: I see some (new) out of sync items, and they all have a "%" symbol in the file name. I deleted those files and let it sync. I was able to sync, at least sync tells me it's 100% done. I went to the android folder and checked, the file name is now different. The % is now display as �, (unicode: black diamond with a question mark inside), the extension . dot is now replace with the underscore _ , and at the end I see the (1), (2), (3), for the other copies (but I turn off the archive function) When I browse with the sync directory, it displays fine, but when I use my file manager program or the music player, it will not open it.