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  1. Hello all, The situation i'm not certain about is a Linux pc with a remote share (SMB or NFS) mounted at, e.g., "/mnt/syncfolder/". This folder is synced by a locally running instance of Sync. If mounting the remote share fails in the first place or the share becomes unavailable at some point, the folder "/mnt/syncfolder/" still exists, but the contents will be different since it is no longer backed by the remote share but by a local disk. Typically the folder would then be empty. How will Sync behave in such a case? Will it somehow detect that the folder is not actually a Sync folder and not use it anymore, and will it resume activity when the share is available again? Will it see the empty folder and tell all other peers to delete everything in it? Will it see that other peers have a valid data structure and sync their data into "/mnt/syncfolder/" while it points to some local drive instead of the remote share? Thank you, Henner