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  1. Turns out it was the windows dns service (dns.exe) hogging port 56125 The solution was to mark 56125 as reserved in the ephemeral port ranges in the registry.
  2. Soon after starting the service, the log is full of entries (see below) and the service fails to listen on the configured port, finally picking a (seemingly) random port to listen on. sync version: 2.6.3 (1340) (server) [2019-11-21 10:25:17.607] class PeerListenConnection::Socket::listen[0x000001a23ecafb40][596] bound listening socket 596 to IP [2019-11-21 10:25:17.607] class PeerListenConnection::Socket::listen[0x000001a23ecafbc0][1028] bound listening socket 1028 to IP [::]:56125 [2019-11-21 10:25:17.607] UDP: UDP port bind failed (10048) Only one us