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  1. Hi, currently the details about files that are currently transferring are very limited: as visible from the attached picture, only the name of the files is displayed, and not the full path. This makes very hard to understand where the file are located, and hence what is going to be transferred. Also, as shown in the picture, just a few file names are displayed, and not all of them (see "and 5270 more") In addition, the access to this window is akward: from the main window, first a click on "peers online" is required, and then a specific peer need to be selected. Instead, would be useful to have a specific tab in the main window showing all the files in the queue that are transferring/need to be transferred, and collecting all the info in different columns like "file path" and "peers", and ideally the possibility to filter some of them.
  2. Good morning, as might be understandable from the request title, when using selective sync would be nice that placeholders show not the actual placeholder file size (0KB for all of them) but the original remote file size (the not synced one), as well as its properties ideally. This is not happening, at least on windows clients side. This is the most common way of display placeholder size and it's used in most common cloud services. Any chance to implement this feature in resilio sync? Thank you Regards