BUG: Bit Sync lied to me. Not handling folder names with spaces?

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I have BTsync running on Windows XP and a Windows 7 on a LAN. It is working fine normally, syncing files up as they are created and edited on the XP machine. But some how, 1 file it showed in its history that it synced, and both machines indicated they synced the file, but yet no remote machines had the file.

The folder syncing is a My documents folder, and the one file that had the issue was in a "My Videos" subfolder and the file named like "one two.MSWMM".

I synced with a 3rd computer, and all files got pulled in EXCEPT this "My Videos\one two.MSWMM" file.

I am suspecting that it's not handling actually syncing files or folders with spaces in the names.

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So it is quite strange. Other files and folders with spaces in the names seem to sync fine. And, if I put this file in a different folder it DOES SYNC!

Is there some nasty secret regarding a "My Videos" folder or something? My syncignore file I did not touch, and it looks like this:










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You mean like the fact that the folder "My Videos" doesn't exist?

It's a fabrication of the Windows explorer; it doesn't even seem to be an NTFS Junction (aka Symlink) like "My Documents".

The real storage behind "My Videos" is in the directory "C:\Users\Username\Videos"

(Replace "C:" and "Username" as required).

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That's not right. This is an XP machine and the folder is actually MYVIDE~1.. however that really should not stop BTSync from doing its job. And in fact, it is not stopping it. I saved a different kind of file there "one two.WMV", and BTsync grabbed and sent that over just fine. Then on another computer I zipped it and saved it in same folder.. and again it went back to the XP machine fine.

And on the Windows 7 machine (plus all others) the real folder is really there and really with the name "My Videos" as since the folders on the remotes have no idea where they are coming from.. so it's creating them as BTSync tells them to.

Still, regardless of what's really going on, somehow BTSync sometimes tells you it's doing something and it's not.. might be that there is too much logic of what kind of files to include and not include? The dumber the service, the more useful it is.

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Okay, Windows 7 is really confusing the issue here.


I've just done this on my sacrificial laptop. You will notice there are TWO "My Videos" folders in the C:\Users\TVision directory (Username is "TVision").

The one ringed in brown is the normal windows one, the one in black is one I just created.

They are two distinct folders; the red rings is the standard windows one the orange rings is my new one.

The standard windows one is actually name "C:\Users\TVision\Videos", you can prove this by trying to create a folder called "Videos" in that directory. Windows will say that the folder already contains "My Videos" (yes with the MY ) and do you want to merge.

To top off the confusion there is also a symlink in the "My documents" folder (Actual name C:\Users\TVision\Documents ) which points the name "My Videos" at the physical folder C:\User\TVision\Videos. It has it's system bit set so you can't even see it unless you turn off the option "Hide Protected Operating System Files".

All in all, if it wasn't that folder I'd believe a BTSync problem; that folder. Well, you're not the only person confused by it!

From your description of your problem I would say that BTSync is not noticing the symlinks (JUNCTION POINTS in Microsoft speak) and is following them when it isn't searching for anything and ignoring them when it's scanning the filesystem. This bit may be a post-20346-0-64858000-1367139462.gif

And some people want BTSync to follow symlinks ... :rolleyes:

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I get what you're saying, but I don't think it applies in my situation. As I mentioned, the "My Videos" was on Windows XP not Windows 7. It did in fact have a folder that was synched from the Windows XP machine which ended up on a Windows 7 machine, but on the Windows 7 as the remote, it was not located anywhere in any "Documents" or "users" area.. it was merely a sync of the folders on the XP machine.

So on the Windows 7, the path is just recreated as BTSync is reporting it.. so there is no cause for Windows 7 to create any junction points here. On the Windows 7 side, the "My Videos" folder s truly a folder named "My Videos" and nothing more.. Windows 7 has no awareness that this particular folder is a "videos folder" as it's not located as part of any Windows 7 user's profile.

None-the-less, BTSync successfully synced a different file in this folder, while the other file sitting there was not even though it said it did. :) I can repeat this again and again, but no clue why it's limited so far to the combination of this file and in this folder. And all the while, BTSync always reporting that it does sync it.

I was running 1.0.16 or something.. and kept relying on it to tell me if an update was ready. Unfortunately that does not work as when I downloaded again and installed I see it's up to version 1.132 so I'll see if this goes away.

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