btsync 1.1.15 not syncing

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I run ubuntu raring and btsync desktop version 1.1.15.

The network consists of two windows pc (also running 1.1.15) and 1 ubuntu pc, all running over the same wifi router.

The two windows pc have no trouble syncing with each other. The ubuntu pc won't sync.

I have attached the log file. Please help.

This is my config file:

//!/usr/lib/btsync-user/btsync-agent --config


// configuration for the btsync agent running in the

// user environment


"device_name" : "gialt1",

"pid_file" : "/home/gia-admin/.btsync/",

"storage_path" : "/home/gia-admin/.btsync",

"listening_port" : 0,

"check_for_updates" : false,

"use_upnp" : true,

"download_limit" : 0,

"upload_limit" : 0,

"lan_use_tcp" : true,

"disk_low_priority" : false,

"lan_encrypt_data" : false,

"webui" :


"listen" : ""



Something I find strange is that i have set lan_use_tcp true but lsof -i :1025-9999 +c 15 shows:

btsync-agent 3663 gia-admin 9u IPv4 9467573 0t0 TCP localhost:8888 (LISTEN)

btsync-agent 3663 gia-admin 16u IPv4 9468358 0t0 UDP *:1900

btsync-agent 3663 gia-admin 20u IPv4 10126372 0t0 TCP localhost:8888->localhost:32912 (ESTABLISHED)

btsync-agent 3663 gia-admin 24u IPv4 9471760 0t0 UDP *:3838

Thank you for your help


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