Separately sync a folder located within an already synced folder?


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Greetings forum members,

I have a folder tree on my computer that I am currently syncing to my own personal devices. One of the folders within that tree I would like to share with another person. But BTsync doesn't allow me to separately generate a key for that particular folder, since it is located within an already shared folder tree.

Is there a reason for this behaviour?


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Nope, only create shares for each sub-folder, one by one. If there are too many, keep your one original share but exclude that sub-folder - with .SyncIgnore. Then mount --bind the sub-folder to another location and create a new share with that. It's important that you exclude the re-shared folder from the original to avoid conflicts. I know this is cumbersome but it's only a temporary workaround.

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Lightning mentioned

mount --bind

as a way of making the equivalent of symbolic links on a Linux system that BTSync will follow.

You also need to list the binding in /etc/fstab (on Ubuntu Linux and similar systems), so that the binding is made again when the system is rebooted. This gets a bit complicated, so I developed a Linux script to do it. You can read about it at


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+1 For this option
We have several machines syncing a primary tree to keep everything in line and want to share out individual folders so that everyone has specifically what they need with only the primary sync needing to be updated and everything else read only.

Guess we are going to have to rethink this. That's a bummer.

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