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Is there a way to decrease the logging level or disable logging completely? Moving the logfile to /var/log/ would help me as well.


My problem:

I am running btsync on a Western Digital MyBook Live NAS and the NAS won't enter sleepmode when btsync is running.


I think the logfile might be the problem as it is logging stuff constantly, thus accesing the harddisk. The MyBooks own logfiles (it is running debian) are located in /var/log/ which is located on a ram-disk, not the HDD, in order to not wake the MyBook up all the time.


If this is really it and there is a way to disable or move the logfile would make me very happy ;)

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There is no ability to move log file only to another location but you can change "storage_path" in config file.

After that all btsync settings including log file will be written in new location.


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Found out that the NAS is using ramlog, not sure how I could move the data-directory there.


logfile was "silent" over night, still the NAS woke up every 30min. reindexing is set to 12h so this can't be the problem.


Is there any file-modification inside the btsync data directory that is performed every 30min?

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