music sync on iPhone successful - but then?


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I have managed to sync music using btsync on my iPhone (still an issue remains, but then can be discussed later), but .. what do I do then? The files seem not to be visible to the standard iphone music player. That makes it quite useless - or I am doing something wrong respectively is there an app that can access and index the files I downloaded?


Best regards, ueffchen

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as far as I know the only official way to get music played natively on the iPhone is to transfer them via iTunes via your computer, or via the iTunes store on the phone.


There are apps that support playing music uploaded directly via the app itself, but the default music player can't see those (and that is by design).


So unless btsync bakes their own music player, having your mp3's backed up to your phone won't do any good unless it supports sending the mp3 to another app that CAN play them.

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Just did the same thing. I'd say it's more iOS's fault than Sync's. I mean, we can't expect each "file manager" app to implement its own music player, video player, photo viewer, text viewer/editer.


The Sync app works extremely well for music, video, documents and everything else on Android, so it's just another reason for me to choose an Android device next time =)

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