Backup Blocked 0Mb On Phone, Pc 270Mb


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Android phone to sync my desktop PC is blocked.
As there was no transfer, I deleted the files on the phone, but the PC is waiting for 270MB (It remains only. SyncId and. SyncIgnore).



I rebooted Bitsync on phone: always the same.
I rebooted Bitsync on the PC, it is now expected 209MB



I rebooted Bitsync on the PC and the phone: always the same.
How can I resynchronize 2 for the PC returns to zero (without regenerating the key)?

It happens often enough. I have lots of disk space on both sides and memory. I do not think the problem can come from hardware.


3rd reboot Bitsync on the phone: 31MB.

I dismounted the SD card and remount. (usb mass storage).




Desktop Windows 7: v1.2.82

Android (4.1.2): v1.2.14




I succeeded in resynchronize.
The folder of the phone was indeed empty but there were two small files (*. Srt) on the PC side. I deleted these 2 files and Bitsync showed "Synchronized".
I submitted several GB in the phone and the Bitsync has transmitted to the PC.
For now it works.

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