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  1. Hi. On tablet or smartphone would require caching of the most used or the last opened files. Like Dropbox or Wuala. It would retain a limited amount of data on the SD card and does not saturate. Thank you
  2. These two problems also concern the version 1.4.91.
  3. hello, I note 2 bug Sync 1.4.91: 1) The vertical scroll bar is not present if you do not slide the horizontal bar on the far right. 2) The word fits undefined when the storage path is chosen.
  4. Hello. On my Galaxy S3 Samsung I wanted to change the details of identity, without changing the fingerprint. I know we can not normally do, so I tried a backup and restore, changing the name before restoring. I made a backup from the advanced menu. I then uninstalled Sync from Google Play. I then reinstalled Sync from Google Play. I launched Sync and I changed the name of identity (to get one better), I then restored from the Advanced menu. I closed then launched Sync. The name of the identity has been overwritten (but not the name before saving ...). Synchro are still
  5. It should be possible to allow mobile data each share, and only allow some directory sync with wifi. Example: I have a video directory, I do not want the sync is done in mobile data. I have a directory photos, I authorize the sync mobile data. So when I go home, BtSync detects wifi and launch the full sync. (Translated with google...)
  6. Hello, With Android 4.3 on Sony Xperia Z tablet (not Root), applications can not write to the SD card outside their dedicated directory (android / data / app ...) Therefore, we can not make backup for BitTorrent Sync can not create its files other than android / data / com.bittorrent.sync. You probably know already this problem, what is the solution ? I suggested that files BitSync settings are not in the directories of apps but in the dedicated directory BitSync, it would probably solve several problems. Thank you for your work ;-) It runs on Android 4.3 Galaxy S3 LTE Root. EDIT:
  7. I understand your answer :-) It is envisaged that the change in a future version? Sorry to up this topic.
  8. Hello. I did some tests, it is DailyRoad that scans its directory and deletes some files, especially. SyncId Why store files BTSync configuration directories ? I suggest that the configuration files are stored in a single directory dedicated to BTSync. It would be possible ?
  9. This is probably DailyRoad Voyager makes cleaning in its directory and deletes .syncid I'll try write protecting .syncid =>it will not work, BTsync seems to need to write to the file. Note: It's weird because .SyncIgnore is not deleted.
  10. The problem reappeared, still on the same directories. Others are never affected. Feedback sent with log.
  11. .syncid is actually missing... I recreated the directory sync and .syncid is there. For how long? ....
  12. Hello, I use BitTorrent Sync for several months. Currently, I lose sync Android side. I created a sync, it works, then after 2 or 3 days, I get the message "Can not identify the destination folder", always on the same directories. I deleted the sync and I have redone, but the problem comes back after 2 or 3 days.