New User Here, Found A Slight Buglet


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I just started using Bit Torrent Sync to try and sync after seeing a recommendation on the OwnCloud forums  :D


I am currently testing syncing between two machines. The first machine shows "4.0GB in 86390 files", and the second machine shows "4.0GB in 86361 files". I was concerned about the difference since I am syncing things like PortableApps and Cygwin, any missing files would probably stop things working. So I fired up WinDirStat to find where the difference was (WinDirStat's counts are accurate, I have verified them with Explorer).


It turns out all *my* files have synced ok and the difference is accounted for by incorrect counting. Here is the situation.



Machine 1

WinDirStat says 86,833 files of which 3 are in .SyncArchive

BTS GUI says 86390 files


Machine 2

WinDirStat says 86,843 files of which 13 are in .SyncArchive

BTS GUI says 86361 files



Luckily the syncing of my files is all correct! BTS version is 1.2.82.


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There are a number of possibilities to explain discrepancies in the file counts you're seeing:


  • Check the exclusion rules that are setup in your .SyncIgnore files (excluded files/folders won't be included in Sync's file count)
  • File counts in Sync won't include files in your .SyncArchive, (or any .SyncIgnore/.SyncTemp/.SyncPart/.SyncOld/.SyncID files)
  • Sync can't access files if they're currently open/locked/in use by other applications.
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