Excessive Disk I/o


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We have a master collection on Win 7 and r/o collection on Ubuntu 13.10.

The collection is about 1 Gig in size and includes about 12,000 files.

When rescan starts, it takes more than 10 minutes to complete for whatever reason.

That implies that if rescan interval is set to default 10 minutes, the disk is simply going crazy non-stop - over 1000 i/o operations/second. That means that our vps vendor is not going to be happy about us eating up the disk i/o resources.

Question: why does rescan have to be performed on Linux r/o machine every 10 minutes?

I'd prefer a Rescan button instead, if it is impossible to verify the changes otherwise.

Secondly, why does it have to be redone again and again on a r/o machine? It seems that the only changes occur when the master updates a file, in which case it simply offers a new version to the r/o machines when some file is updated.

Am I missing something here?

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