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The topic was introduced here,, but had no response, so I thought I'd re-introduce it.


Basically, I have set selective_sync on a folder, but unfortunately it seems that when files are added they are still automatically sync'd (running the get_files API method yields {"download" : 1} on the newly added files).


Is this intended behavior or just one of those Beta phase items? I think I personally would expect the files to be {"download" : 0} by default when added to a folder that has selective_sync turned on.


Has anyone come up with a potential work-around?

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One thing that I will say that I tried already (which did not work) was using .NET's FileSystemWatcher. When a file was created, the idea was that I get the file that was created and call "set_file_prefs {download: 0}" on it.


Unfortunately, it seems to take BTSync a little bit to pick up the file (I am finding ~10 seconds or so, though it isn't consistent), so BTSync doesn't know about the file by the time I call set_file_prefs.

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