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Download Won't Open - Mac

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Perhaps? How do I check that?


I don't think it was incomplete, although it does 'warn' me that the file might be harmful to my computer. Might this have something to do with it?


There is another sync program on this computer - MobileMe - it's a hand-me-down mac, and I'm also not sure how to delete MobileMe as I can't find it anywhere except in the top bar.


Forgive me, I'm not so swift with the inner workings of gadgets : )

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If it's a "hand-me-down" Mac, do you know what version of the operating system it's running?


Sync is only supported on OS X Snow Leopard or newer - if you're running an earlier OS, that may well be why you can't install Sync.


If your Mac is running OS X Snow Leopard or later, I'd suggest clearing your browser's temporary files/cache, so that you can then download a fresh copy of sync from the main download site. If your original download was incomplete/corrupt, re-downloading a fresh copy should resolve your issue.


In terms of a warning that a file might be harmful - this is a standard warning when downloading certain files from the internet. If you're confident that file you've downloaded comes from a reputable/trusted source, such as in the case of the BitTorrent Sync installer downloaded from the official download site, you're safe to accept the on-screen warning and run it. If you don't accept the warning, the file won't run and you won't be able to install Sync.

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