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Bittorrent Sync Not Syncing Through Mifi

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I have bittorrent sync working succesfully on a Raspberry Pi (At Home), my Linux Laptop (Mobile) and my Kindle Fire HD (Mobile).


But when I try to sync either the laptop or the kindle fire using my MiFi, neither one will sync.


Does anybody know why this would not work?



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It depends on how your MiFi device behaves.


If you try to connect both devices to a single MiFi and they do not "see" each other in devices list - I consider checking MiFi's settings if it routes packets to other devices connected to it, or only to internet.


If you try to connect a single device to MiFi and it does not see the rest of your peers over internet - make sure that device allows to pass TCP/UDP port 3000 and supports UPnP / PMP.

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