Make Advanced Configuration More User Friendly In Linux


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The current use case of btsync for linux users is the following:

They are unaware of the difficulties of the advanced configuration so the start the easy way and they configure everything in the Web UI. Later on they realize they need to make an advanced configuration. This is when they realize that all their previous work was in vein because they need to run --Dump-Sample-Config and do every configuration all over again manually in the config file. Their previous settings will be lost. This is not even documented.

This is a very cumbersome procedure and not like any other linux daemon that use config files for their settings.


Suggestions to improve the documentation (easy way):

- Warn users in the user guide that they shouldn't do any configuration in the Web UI unless they don't want to do any advanced configuration later on. (See the next bullet point.)

- Warn users in the user guide that starting btsync with a config file will erase their previous configurations they made in the Web UI.


Suggestions to improve btsync (hard way):

- Make an editible config file that is in sync with the configuration made in the Web UI. So it could be changed in both the Web UI or manually in the config file itself for advanced configuration.


- Lose the config file altogether and make it possible to make any configuration in the Web UI.

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