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Hey guys,

 I have one idea. What if some interested users (like me) will load encrypted files, important for that person) (like with encFS or TrueCrypt) on the sync Say like below 500 MB. And gives the keys to other hosts in swap of their files. So in abought 2 GB of free space you can afford a backup place for your data on 5-6 nodes. Will be interested in participicating in that kind of program

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I have been running BTsync on a VPS for a while and i must say its running great

and all my shares on the VPS are encrypted nodes which means that even if the VPS is hacked, you data is protected.


I am using backupsy and they are really good.

As for pricing, it way cheaper. ( its can be as low as 7$ a month for 500GB depends on the Coupon used)



Use either of this copuons






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