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  1. I didn't notice anything. Maybe the Sync logo is a little different? Linux CPU usage is still low when idle, sometimes pops up to 0.7% and when transferring, it goes all the way, which is understandable. I hope for some features to return on the android/ios? version to easily send single/multiple files to another device instead of whole folders.
  2. I think the column Date Synced should be called Last Synced. For my mobile camera backup, in the Date synced it says 3 hours ago. When I check the history, it is 3minutes ago.. and the entry before that is 14hours...
  3. I am so happy for the little update that got pushed while I was asleep. Thanks devs have a good day!
  4. You can make it wider by doing this: Grab it and pull it all the way to the left and then to the right. Let go of the button, and repeat, it will get a few pixels wider each time (But it will shrink surrounding columns.)
  5. You have to use some tool to recover deleted files. I recommend R-Studio The sooner you do that, the more likely it is you will recover them.
  6. I am also Faustarted. Got an S4 and as an earlier post said, ES File Explorer can do anything on the SDcard, move files. delete them etc. So there must be a way for BTSync to do that too.
  7. Everyone you share the key with will download any and all files. most likely only one download unless they delete and restore... if you use linux, try vnstat for bandwith history.
  8. No it has nothing to do with the official BitTorrent Sync.They want you to regain the control of your data. Would be the opposite of their mission to offer storage to it. It is a webserver hosted on IIS, it gives an error in spanish or something. I guess this is someones home PC that someone wanted to make some money off...
  9. BTSync got this feature, you can disable sync over data plan. and then I know for sure that Android 4.4 kitkat got a little setting to tell that certain wifi are on a dataplan . Go to Settings - Data Usage - Mobile Hotspots and tick your mifi router in the list, and it will be off limits! Enjoy
  10. LSS: You install BTSYNC on all the computers you want to sync on, then you just add the secrets and folders. And it will start syncing, in LAN and on the Internet.
  11. Thanks, it is a match. "Cannot identify the destination folder" I get that on my android when I try to add a pictures folder that belongs to an app. I also had an error adding the external sdcard DCIM on a samsung s4 running kitkat4.4.2, no permission.
  12. Thanks. I managed to find the APK on a Chinese website, but not sure if that was a smart move. bittorrent_sync_1.3.21.0.apk size 3153512bytes size on disk 3153920bytes
  13. Works fine on DLink DNS-320B (with a speedier 1 ghz CPU)
  14. Please provide Android apk too. Google Play gives me an error 403 when I try to download it, been so for a few days now. I can download other apps from Google Play. Just got myself a new Dlink-DNS320B, crossing my fingers that BTSync will run Have a nice weekend!
  15. I would recommend a VPS. Go to and hook yourself up!
  16. It will work well if you shutdown btsync before you unmount the device. this is a sync software, not backup to USB.
  17. Only need to remember the login once. And the password you can set too. I can't be the only one thinking about this. What does your uncle use the computer for? It seems he can't do anything (read numbers, double click). Anyways, it's always fun to experiment!
  18. you should use teamviewer instead.
  19. Someone could as easily pretend to be one of the accepted machines?
  20. Do you have a Dlink router? I have the same issue, when I connected via addwrt netgear, problem was gone...
  21. Cz2000 t.usuncapp and reaolves to.the wrong IP. This was an attempt to get around that. It worked for a while though...
  22. This is good news. And even the link to the previous change log that I remember someone asking for. Will try it out.
  23. I read in a reply from devs to a comment on Google Play store, that it is being improved and coming back in a future version.
  24. On the "My Sync" tab. Another column with Last Time Synced. Also a history of which Devices was connected and when. Like "last" in Linux.