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  1. thanks I have installed it trough apt-get Or maybe I should wait untill it updates automaticly? Maybe easier for me
  2. Thanks, that explains some things. However, why is there a option when sharing a key (also with QR) to approve new peers? not necessary I think?
  3. Hello, So I run the V2 version of bittorrent sync. I generate a QR and link, with the option that I have to approve new peers. Now what I'm not understanding, sometimes the (main) server displays this message and I have to accept new peers. However not with everyone, others seem to just can connect without me approving it. What's up with that
  4. Just a question, On my rpi I have installed version 2.0.93 How do I update that installation to the newer v 2.2? I assume I have to download the .deb package. But what exactly are the commands to update the older version without losing it's configuration/keys? Thank you
  5. I have btsync fully up and running on my rPi, now I have a new installation on a new sd-card. The btsync 'share' folders are still in the same location on there external drives. What should I copy from my old btsync installation to get btsync up and running with the same folders/secrets on the new card? Ty
  6. If your device is jailbroken you can use "bridge" to copy music files from btsync to the musicplayer app. You can find it on Cydia
  7. When I use the Ios client app on my phone and I click "clear offline files" the files just remain downloaded and it is not clearing them. Is this a bug?
  8. Thanks, So if I understand that correctly I should add // DAEMON_DEBUG=FFFF With the // ?
  9. @RomanZ Haven't seen it anymore, but anyway I'll put full logging on and if it happens again I will sent you a message. edit; Where do I set the debug option for logging? I checked de default config, but it isn't there?
  10. +1 Landscape or maybe that the filenames scales smaller if it is a long name. I can imagine it's all fine on tablets, however on phones we can now only see a limitted file name.
  11. I did the same, I'm also not sure what the relay option does, it seems to work fine at least when I test it myself. I'm not sure if it needed at all in my situation. I run a linux server with the ports forwarded. But now I can't tel it for sure, because I use it to sync files between a group of people, can some of them run into problems if I uncheck the relay?
  12. Working fine, will let you know if I run into something. Thanks
  13. I have this same problem. I now have removed the relay-server option. But is there anyway to reset the list on the webui?
  14. Thx, I installed vnstat, but it would be nicer to have everything together. Will look in to the API. I read something about a php wrapper, would that be an option to use? My knowledge only go's so far, so I will have to try
  15. I was thinking it would be nice to have some kind of extended web interface. Thinking about some stats, maybe graphs etc. Number of times files are downloaded by who etc. Is this a possibility to make myself? I can see the log file, but I think it doesn't have all the info in it other then the IP adresses of who is connecting. I can see in the web interface the connected devices, where is that coming from? I'm using the linux version. I must say I only know some basic programming. Any guidance on this? Where should I look of maybe someone has created something like that already? Thx