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  1. can you say exactly what have you chowned to fix it? i have the same issues. eldadh
  2. i have tried to add "external_port" to the config file, the bittorent sync procces wont load.... eldadh
  3. hi, i have solved it with a "complex but working" solution. i am running a proxy at home behind stunnel ( certificates and whitelist) , i am using stunnel to camoflough the proxy trafiic to look like any ssl traffic and even use standard SSL port ( POP3S - 993 , SMTPS-465 , HTTPS-443). those ports are usually open on enterprised networks. i am running proxifier on my work computer, which connects via a proxy server at home. obviously it is running on tcp only what its working. i am trying to skip the proxy use, and stick with stunnel only but i havent sorted how to force btsync to use only
  4. Hello, I have been running BTsync on a VPS for a while and i must say its running great and all my shares on the VPS are encrypted nodes which means that even if the VPS is hacked, you data is protected. I am using backupsy and they are really good. As for pricing, it way cheaper. ( its can be as low as 7$ a month for 500GB depends on the Coupon used) https://backupsy.com/ Use either of this copuons 'GOTMEADEAL' 'SMOKING' '40PERCENT' Eldadh
  5. In the windows version there is an option to set an "external port" in addition to the listening port for tcp connections, i would like to know how to do so in the linux \ NAS\ Router version ( via sync.conf ) it is not mentioned in the BTsync Manual\Guide. Thnx in advance Eldadh