Sync Hangs, Stops Showing History

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I updated to 1.3.94 on my two clients, both running windows 7x64, since then I've had a problem where the sync hangs.


I restart the client on both machines, and find that one of the clients does not show anything in the history even though the other client shows that files are being added and removed.


I've never seen a file listed on the Transfers tab, and have had to rely on the History tab to be sure that the service is working.

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Do peers display each other in "Devices" tab? How are they connected (LAN / Internet)? 


Regarding peer that does not populate history - does it react on a file dropped to the sync folder (operation must be done on this peer)?

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The peers never displayed each other in Devices tab. I had read somewhere that a user thought the tab was just for mobile devices, and took their word for it.  

I ended up waiting a few days and tried to tackle this problem again. I discovered that the client would not show any updates available, but an update was on the site. I downloaded and installed the update on both pcs, and the history, transfers and devices tabs all began working as expected. 

On the other hand, after several weeks free of crashes, it appears I've run into a problem where several files newer than a certain date have gone missing. I've looked in the .syncarchive, and restored the files there, but there still appears to be directories that are simply gone.  

How can I determine what caused this? I believe I had the debugging logging turned on, but I'm not sure where to find those logs. 

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