File Not Syncing; Extension Changed To .!sync


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I am syncing my Music library between my Windows PC and 3 Linux Servers.

All files are synced.


Only this file isn't synced with LinuxPC3.


The Windows UI states that it has to upload 35 MB, but it isn't uploading anything (no up activity and no active transfer). The File is synced to the other two Linux Servers without a problem and each of those state aswell that they have to upload 35 MB. LinuxPC3 states that it has to download 35 MB of each other PC but nothing is happening.

I tried uploading the file directly via SFTP, same issue. 


File path:

 /shared/Music/3LAU HAUS/3LAU/3LAU HAUS #14 (Victory Lap).mp3.!sync
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I stopped the service on all 4 PCs, deleted the file and restarted them all. Still says 35 MB to upload, still no active transfers.


Edit: OK it just magically synced while I wasn't looking, guess that works. (Btw I tried deleting the file before without result)

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