Bittottrent Sync Behind A Firewall And High Ports

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I am using BTSync to sync files in my LAN (I am running a Server with BTSync in my home network). I would like to sync the files internal and also external that I can sync files with my iPhone and so on.


I set the preferences in the BitTorrent Sync Application to the Listening port 9999.

Which I opened on the firewall.




I know I need also the ports 3000 TCP and UDP to be open on ther firewall.


But BitTorrent Sync still uses some random high ports to sync files from the LAN to the external.




Is there any way to limit this communication to some specific ports?

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The second screenshot says that the application is "BitTorrent General", but not BTSync. Why do you think that it is Bittorrent Sync opening other ports?


The only service which is running on this virtual machine ist BittorrentSync and when I closed the ports I couldn't sync files from external to my home network. Thats why I guess BitTorrent Sync is opening the ports.

Why? Is it impossible that BitTorrent Sync uses this ports?

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BTSync 1.3 uses both TCP and UDP for communications. The port 3000 is Tracker Server connection. Other ports seem to be other peers ports. They might look random by 2 reasons:


1) BTSync itself uses random port upon installation. This can be changed in config though.

2) Other instances of BTSync stay behind the NAT. NATs might change and randomise ports, so it depends on how the remote NAT is actioning.

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