Installing Btsync With Ppa

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Hi! I have installed BTsync on my Raspberry Pi this way:

wget -zxf btsync_arm.tar.gzsudo mkdir /etc/btsyncsudo mv btsync /etc/btsyncrm btsync_arm.tar.gzcd /etc/btsyncsudo chown root:root btsyncsudo chmod 755 btsync



The disadvantge is that I don't get automatic updates.

I tried to add the following ppas:

add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync


apt-get update

I still get

apt-get install btsyncE: Unable to locate package btsync
How can I fix this or is there any better way of getting updates automatically?
btw: how can I find the config file from btsync?
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It is a problem to switch from a manually deployed BitTorrent Sync to the standard deployment via Debian packages, since they may store the stuff in different places.


Please read the initial topic about the Debian Package for server use (that is probably the most suitable for Raspberry PI usage), get familiar with the main concepts, and then decide, if you want to migrate.

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