Android Downloading Selected Files In Subdirectories

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I have btsync on linux happily syncing a directory which contains several subdirectories. Those subdirectories contain several files. All the files are inside subdirectories.


On android I have the read-only secret, and it is set to not "automatic sync". The directory it is syncing into already contains a few other files, but it does not contain any of the subdirectories present on the linux machine.


On the android client I click into one of those subdirectories, then click on a file for it to be transferred. The gui updates to show that a transfer is in progress (it shows the X which can be used to stop the transfer), however the transfer does not actually start. The file is not created, and the web gui on the linux box shows zero throughput.


However the transfer does then start if I then create an appropriately named empty subdirectory on Andriod. I am creating this with ES File Explorer.



It looks like the Android client wont create any subdirectories need for the file when it is selected for transfer.

This is with version on android 4.4.3

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Where your Sync folders are located? Internal / external SD? Internal memory?

Usually, when you set up a Selective (non-automaic) sync folder on Android device - the folder structure gets created automatically after first contacting to the remote peer(s). I suggest re-adding folder and checking if folder structure is created as it should.

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This is on a nexus 4 emulated sd card.


I do get the full directory structure created when setting up that folder again. I also do see subdirectories created automatically as they are created on the sync master. So it looks like directories are always automatically synced, even when file sync is selective?



I'm not exactly sure how I got into that position, but its possible I deleted the directories manually..... I am using btsync for offline map files for Orux Maps. Selective sync means that all the files are readily available when I need them, and I can save space on the phone by not having all the files present all the time. I suspect I got into this situation by deleting a directory containing an unused map to free up some space on the phone. I later want to access that map again. I was expecting btsync to recreate the directory when I start a selective sync for a file inside it.


So for now my solution is to free up space by deleting files, but always keep the directory structure intact. Thats doable, but it would be nice if btsync would re-sync the directory structure in this scenario too.



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It looks to be an issue, I've managed to reproduce it in the lab. Once pre-created sub-dirs are removed from sync folders, BTSync does not recreate 'em and never sync files there anymore. I'll check when and how it can be fixed.

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