Bittorent Sync Based Home Security Camera System


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KevinFu suggest I post a story about my system here.  Not much to tell really. Pretty simple setup.  :P



  • FreeBSD running on an older box, configure for FTP server, and Bittorrent Sync.
  • IP cameras around the property dump pictures into the FreeBSD machine via the FTP.
  • BT Sync scans the folder very frequently.
  • Other devices including cell phones, laptops, Apple devices, and Windows machines run BT Sync and receive/send the camera pictures.
  • Any device can (except the iPod devices) can delete images.


Future:  FreeBSD will automatically delete pictures after they are so old.


What I like is within seconds of a camera taking a picture, copies of that picture have left the property and are already on other machines. I just need to add a few more nodes to the swarm. Works great when on vacation.  :)



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