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Is it possible to generate our own magnet links (rather than using:

We would love to use btsync internally on our company LAN to synchronize project directories between designers. Currently, it appears the "Share.." generated links don't work with and blocked (can't allow public use, since we'd need to regenerate ALL keys after an employee is de-authorized). 

We would love to keep an index of magnet links for project folders that would only work our on internal LAN. Perhaps it's possible to generate these via PHP/whatever using the key? Unsure how the "s" "i" and "p" parameters are generated, and if any additional handshaking with occurs?

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Currently it is impossible to produce your own links. Though, it can be simply workarounded in your company.

1) Set up a web server

2) Set up your DNS server to resolve to your own web server IP.

3) Your web server should convert the link it receives in a simple way: replace the https:// to btsync://. 


It should work fine with desktops even if tracker server is not available (for mobiles tracker access is totally necessary to receive approvals).

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