Enabling Api On A Non-Config-File Setup


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Hi all,


I've got a HEAP of folders syncing beautifully between many machine, and I'd like to add API functionality to one machine for monitoring / automated adding of folders.


By the looks of it, I need to:


do a `btsync --dump-sample-config`


manually re-add all 438 shared folders in the JSON structure,

Add the storage location to switch on the API.


This isn't really going to work.


is there any way I can run a `btsync --dump-running-config` instead?


Please say yes. Pleeeeease...


(Or, is there a way of adding the required flag to the '.sync/settings.dat' ?)



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You don't need to dump a sample config, just start Sync with a very basic config file.


For example, on Windows, to enable to API, simply create a config file with the following:

{   "storage_path" : "/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/BitTorrent Sync",   "use_gui" : true,   "webui" : {        "listen" : "",        "login" : "username",        "password" : "password",        "api_key" : "your_api_key"    }}
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