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System Tray Icon To Show Remaining Data To Be Synched


If you are synching 5GB of data and currently 1.5GB have been synched when you hover over the icon, along with up / down speeds, it should show 3.5G remaining or something.


Hopefully this option doesn't exist already hidden somewhere.

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This really isn't a question or bug complaint, but a suggestion for the official Sync 2.0 release.


What I think would be really great is to click on the Sync icon in the task bar and have a kind of popup dashboard come up that displays how many files it has synced, when it will finished (estimate), ect.


What I'm talking about is something like the desktop app, here's some screenshots:






And one last suggestion is kind of an account based sharing system, instead of sharing large keys to your peers. None of their files would be sent to an external server, but once the user downloads the desktop program, they can login and select which shared the other computers with the same account are using, so no copy and pasting long keys. Again, these are both suggestions, so don't hate if you may not like anything, I do think the last suggestion might be harder to implement, so if all the devs do is consider my first popup dashboard suggestion, I'd be happy. :D What do you think?

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