Striped Down Btsync, Only For Downloading. (Does Not Install)


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The one thing that I do miss with btsync, is sending a link to someone and letting them download the file easly. I hate to install btsync on a computer then share a readonly key, and explain to them how to do all of this. I would be cool if there was a way to just downloads the files then be done. Perfect for for sending large files to a client but you don't want to install a pice of software on there computer.

It would be cool to have a share opiton that would autobuild an exe with a striped down version of BTsync compleat with the readonly key built in. Basicly it will only be for a one time download.


Then I could email that exe or btsync could do all of the exe building in the cloud, I all I would need to do is send a link to someone and they click download the exe and run it. It asks them where they would like there downloaded files to go, maybe also a place to shows them what files and or pick and choose file they want. Then it goes and downloads the files pops up a screen when the download is compleat and closes. no more btsync on the computer. All that is left on the computer are the newly downloaded files.

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