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  1. I didn't notice a difference with AVG enebled or disabled. I will try ESET when I go back to work next week. However I did start counting the seconds of the delays. This didn't folow this pattern everytime but generly the first right click was the longest between 14-30 seconds, the following clicks were 5-6 seconds. Ocationaly there was a period of no waiitng at all. After waiting before right clicking again the pattern would start over again.
  2. Excelent, glad I am not crazy I look forward to a fix in the future. I do not have Kasperdky on any of my machines. I have a mixture of AVG Free and Eset.
  3. As far as I can tell this is any file server doesn't matter the load, or fold or file size.File explorer hangs just as long on a 2TB video folder as a 1KB text file. I have duplicated this issue on multiple clients windows 7 clients on separate networks and multiple servers. I am 90% sure this affects windows 10, but I have not tried it for along time. Servers I have tried. Freenas 9 Server CIFS Ubuntu 14.04 SMB server Windows Server 2013 Share Windows Server 2008 Share These servers hardware ranges from a cheap single 1TB drive to 4 Enterprise 1500RPM drives in RAID 10.
  4. I found a bug in BTSync that is causing Window File explorer to hang for 30+ seconds when right clicking on files on a network share. It appears to be the "Share with BitTorrent Sync" contect menu When I disable the BTSync's context menu using ShellExView My right click works just fine and does not hang file explorer. I have been having this issue for almost a year now on multiple computers running windows 7. Today I tracked it down to BTSync by trial and error. I just updated to the latest and greatest BTsync 2.2.7(160) with the same result. File Explorer only hangs when browsing to a network location \\server\shaired folder. Local drives, memory sticks and mapped network drives, are not affected.
  5. Ahh ok, thanks for the information. I guess I will wait pashently for more information. I have been trying to sync my Music across all of my divices however non of the music apps can find the music on the ExtSD when it is in the com.bittorrent.sync folder. It is very anoying.
  6. So I remember all of the problem Google created when they release Andorid 4.4.2, however I thought they fixed all of this in 5.0. I am running a Galexy S5 5.0 stock everything but I can't write to the SD card out side of that stupied com.bittorrent.sync folder. Is this still a thing? I am able to use X-Plore app to edit change deleat files, but I think I had to give permission to X-Plore to enable write access to the SD card as shown in this gude. I can't get BTSync to popup this window to allow access to the SD card. Does BTsync support the new Storage access Framework? Or am I missing somthing? Thanks
  7. Ahh, thanks for clearing that up, I missunderstood the website, when it talked about volume licencing sounded like it is 40 per device. Yes I agree, subscption modle is wrong for what they are selling, I hope they see the light on that. I would love to go back to 1.4. I have screwed my self by updating to v2. Because I have a few IPhones I use BTsync to backup photos. No way to downgrade apps on iphones as far as I know . But I may just setup a compleat seperate BTsync server for the apple stuff and downgrade everything elce.
  8. I am very surprised by this I didn't get a warning or anything. Just updated all of my phones and computers one day and boom. 30 day count down tell dooms day. I am partialy to blame for not researching this myself, I just honestly didn’t have time. With work and school being so crazy, I honestly don’t know what I am going to do about this. I don’t really have time anymore to deal with this when my syncing system totally dies. So that is awesome. (15days left) I don't think a subscription really fits the BTsync model. Subscription is really for if I am renting or buying a service from you or if I am getting support. I don’t consider BTsync any of those things. I am using your program that I host myself. But my real concern is per device cost problem. It is my understanding this is 40 dollars per device, correct? Because I personally have 2 phones, 1 laptop, 3 desktops and 2 servers all running BTSync. That I personally use. I can tell you right now I am not paying $320 a year so I can sync my files. Honestly I love BTSync, but I don’t think you’re going a direction that I like, and I really can’t afford it. The only ways I could consider BTsync is If the price per device was lowered per device, or the 10 folder limit was removed, or if the pricing was change to be an overall account. Like a linked account, or something. I am totally fine for paying for BTsync, but $320 a year is way too expensive and I really can’t afford it, especially for only a year of Service. It make no sence considering there are others services out there that offer a better deal. L I really love BTsync, I hope you reconsider and change your current modal.
  9. The one thing that I do miss with btsync, is sending a link to someone and letting them download the file easly. I hate to install btsync on a computer then share a readonly key, and explain to them how to do all of this. I would be cool if there was a way to just downloads the files then be done. Perfect for for sending large files to a client but you don't want to install a pice of software on there computer. It would be cool to have a share opiton that would autobuild an exe with a striped down version of BTsync compleat with the readonly key built in. Basicly it will only be for a one time download. Then I could email that exe or btsync could do all of the exe building in the cloud, I all I would need to do is send a link to someone and they click download the exe and run it. It asks them where they would like there downloaded files to go, maybe also a place to shows them what files and or pick and choose file they want. Then it goes and downloads the files pops up a screen when the download is compleat and closes. no more btsync on the computer. All that is left on the computer are the newly downloaded files.
  10. Ahh, so on my Client computer, I will put a 0 in the sync-trash_ttl config, so when I delete a podcast on my server. My Client computer will move the podcast to the .sync\Archive folder. Because that has a 0 in the config, it will keep it in the .sync\Archive folder forever. Correct? That is an interesting idea. The problem I would have with this particular client is it is my home server and has many other syncs that would be affected by this sync_trash_ttl change, so I would manually have to go in and delete the archives out of other sync folders every so often But it is somthing to think about. Does the Linux client allow multiple instances of BTSync with different configs in each one? I thought I read that somewhere. Because that would fix that problem.
  11. After reading a few other posts here I guess it is not available on PCs at the moment If you want this comment on the request here
  12. I would want this as well I have a Digital Ocean server running Bittorrent sync, I used that to torrent my podcast so I can help support/seed. I used BITtorrent sync to sync the completed podcasts to my computers and phones. My server only had 20GB available so I need to delete the podcast every so often to make room for the new ones. But this deletes the podcast from my desktop and phones as well because they are synced with the server. From looking at this post it looks like the mobile clients already have this feature, is there a way to "hack this" for a computer .
  13. How many files are you trying to sync? I heard on a podcast,that someone tried to sync there giant family photo library that contained tens of thousands of files. That it just killed their home server because it had to rescan every single files over and over again. But this was when BTsync first came out. So I bet there has been improvement.
  14. Raid 1 will improve you read abilities for that 1 server and protecting your from 1 hard drive that is about it. If you had a secondary desktop/computer in location 1. I would remove the raid array and take the extra hard drive of that raid array add it to the secondary computer, and add that computer to your BitTorrent sync backup. This will be a casual server, it doesn't have to be on 24/7 but when it is, it can receive all of your backups. from you main server over the LAN that is much faster then your internet. This will give you the advantage of, if anything else happens to your main server. (Power supply, motherboard, ram, harddrive dies) You still have your secondary computer. Secondary desktop has the entire sync on the local hard drive for easy fast access. You local devices may be faster at copying with two servers, but I don't think you will notice. Oyes on Location 3, I have heard RaspberryPis do not have enough processing power to handle BitTorrent Sync, especially with an entire backup. You might have better luck with something like this You still maybe want something with more power but it sounds like your looking for cheap and low power.
  15. Yes I would definitely use "master clients", maybe setup some Virtual servers, I know Digital ocean is good and cheap. (You may run in to storage limitation with them . In the end It would really depend on how many TV programmers you have that can help seed your sync. I think I would set up your sync like this, I am assuming you send the same video files all over the world no matter what language, Make a sync for each TV show you have. so say you have 3 TV shows Stargate SG1 Has it's own key Stargate Atlantis Has it's own key Stargate Universe Has it's own key I would have 1 Giant Master Server this will have all of your content you ever want your clients to access. I would recommend a backup solution of some kind if not already in place.Then I would host a few smaller servers on virtual private servers all around the globe. These would only host the newest files so they will not take a lot of disk space. Your TV programmers can seed your sync as long as they keep the videos in the sync folder, and there computers are online. I would only use Read Only keys. This way videos can be deleted on the clients and or TV programers computers and it will not delete it off your Master Server. Only deleting videos off the master server will delete the files on all of the synced computers) On the new sync 1.4 you can set approvals so you at your master server will have to approve each computer that tries to connect to your sync this will stop people from "sharing" you keys to who ever they want because you will need to approve every computer that want to join your sync. But yes bittorrent is extreamly robust, doesn't matter how crappy of internet you have it will download it for you. (It just may take along time. ) Oyeah just kinda a interesting idea, you may want to look in to owncloud, if for some reason your TV programs need a normal HTTP download. This will give them a nice web interface. similar to drop box.
  16. I have a Digital Ocean server running Bittorrent sync, I used that to torrent my podcast so I can help support/seed. I used torrent sync to sync the completed podcasts to my computers and phones. My server only had 20GB available so I need to delete the podcast every so often to make room for the new ones. But this deletes the podcast from my desktop and phones as well because they are synced with the server. Is there anyway to have my desktop"s Bittorrent sync ignore deleted files from the server? So I can keep an archive of the podcast on my desktop? At the moment I am using a Read only key to my desktop and phones.
  17. It has something to do umask. If I change it back to default (that is blank), then the web UI works. I am guessing this is a bug in the program?
  18. So I was tolded to post this here from my last post Blank Web Gui Ubuntu 14.4Just a recap on my problem. I have a ubuntu 14.4 server, I was playing around with file permissions because I was having permission issues between btsync and SAMBA. After playing around with it I finely changed the umask to 775, this fixed my problem. However so some reason the Web Gui is now broken. When I go to the web gui, I get a password prompt I enter in the password and I get a blank page. I have rebooted the server, restated btsync, reran the btsyn config. uninstalled and reinstalled btsync. But nothing has worked. Any ideas? How can I reset everything to default?
  19. Yes it was working before I changed permission, umask of files. Where do I go to define the directory_root? I am using the dpkg-reconfigure btsync command. Would it the very first screen talking about running as daemons and where are the configs? If so then it is /etc/btsync? When I connect to http://serverip:8888/gui I get the login prompt I enter in my user ID and password and then I get a blank page. I have changed the port number and I still get it. I am guessing it has something to do with permissions for the web server but I don't know where the web files are stored.
  20. I have broken the web UI on my Ubuntu 14.1 installation of Btsync, and I can't figure out how to get it back. I was playing around with file permissions, because I have Btsync and SAMBA accessing the same folders, this was creating file permission issues with who owns them. But I figured it out, just as I got it working, the WebUI stopped working. I get a password prompt I type in my password, and I get a blank page. I have tried to reconfigure BTsync several times, I have tried to change port number and IP address binding, web user log in and password but nothing has worked so far. I even removed btsync and installed it again, but it looks like there are config files that still remain. Any ideas? As far as I can tell syncing works just fine, I just can't change anything because of the lack of UI Thanks
  21. So far amazing app so far. Some inprovemets I would like, are 1.More Mobile Data options (For example, setting a file size limit. All files under 2.5 Megs sync over mobile. Or being able to salect what folder has access to sync. My documents can sync anytime because there is only documents in there, but my Music and Movies only over Wifi. 2. More visuals, What is downloading, how big is it how much longs does it have, who from. progress bars