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Hello Folks,


im trying to add an folder via api in subfolder in the same folder where the btsync.exe is located.


Folder Tree:

LanLaunch(BTsync Files)

    -->games (Subfolder)\BlobbyVolley&secret=*MY-Secretkey*&force=1{ "error": 101, "message": "Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder." }

Can anyone help me here?




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I don't believe its a problem dedicated to folder permissions
it also doesnt work with UAC disabled
When i use the full path all works fine\LanLaunch\games\BlobbyVolley&secret=*MY-Secretkey*&force=1

But the software have to be portable to different systems.


So it would be awesome if i could add a folder in subfolder rigth there where the btsync.exe is located

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