Time-Limited Pause With Automatic Un-Pause


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Most of the time when I pause something, it's temporary. I don't leave things paused forever.


Half the time when I pause something, I forget to unpause it and only notice a few days later when something isn't syncing / backing up.


Please could you allow me to pause sync for a specific time (1 hour, 6 hours, 24 hours) after which it un-pauses automatically? This applies equally to the overall pause and to the selective pause (which is a great addition and is definitely appreciated!)


Here's how CrashPlan does it, and boy does it make a huge difference!


(there's no "indefinitely" there because CrashPlan is for backups and I guess they decided you never want to pause your backups indefinitely)

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If you want to pause BTSync completely why don't you write yourself a script that stops btsync, sleeps for x amount of seconds on user input basis and then starts it again?

i don't think this is a feature that would make it in the application.

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