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After a share is completed, 
I would be interested in a button or rightclick menu option to do a MD5 integrity check on each file in the share automatically to make sure the hard drive or data is not corrupted,  and that the data is exacting as it is copied.

I am actually using this as a RAID across a 1TB harddrive and would like to make sure the one folder is exact compared to the other folder.  I dont care how long it takes.  that is not a factor.  I have had corrupted torrents and aftera forced recheck,  it drops the damaged package, and just redownloads a new packet to fill in the spot.  It would be great to have that kind of file security on this system as well.

This isnt just for the software,  sometimes the hardware such as a harddrive or something goes bad and will not write data correctly to a particular sector or seg.  I would like to be able to verify after that the data is exacting regardless of all else.

Would it be too hard to integrate to make a VERIFY INTEGRITY button and make it MD5 Hash possibly files in the structure systematically?


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We already got such requests in the past. Sync checks the integrity of the file when it receives it from other peer (and keeps hash in DB). Although, this won't help you against rotten bits: Sync cannot distinguish if file has changed on local HDD due to drive malfunction - or some software managed to change it without sending notification.

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Let me see if I can describe my vision better. 
When you click the FORCE RECHECK button for examile,  it brings up a box on screen with a left and right payne.
It will systemattically check all the files in the folders to make sure they match,,,

BUT when it finds changed or deleted or missing files,  it will prompt me what I want to do.

I can create a scenario like,  Wifey comes in and goes thru family photos.  She changes the names to include time and date stamps,  then accidently deletes a whole vacation folder of family photos.

I would like it to compare the folders and show me the differnce on screen,   I can check the box and select to "RESTORE" those files she accidently deleted,  and also just select the others she renamed correctly to update.  

I am looking for more control

SO maybe...  LEFT and RIGHT paynes to symbolize this share and the share on the other PC. 
and LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW that will function as copy selected files OVER to the other share.....
Ignore button to ignore this change for now and in the future scans....


See what I mean? 

Right now I ahve no control,  I If I turn on the other PC I have,  it iwll update the folder and sync up relentlessly with no input from me...

Here is a demo example sorta.     <----- Watch video from 1:04 to 1:30 Here! for example!
I dont anticipate it being this extravagant,  But a basic version of it would be great!  Help us all restore files that are deleted or messed up or corrupted!

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