Please Remove Feature That Deletes Synced Folder Contents On Android When Said Folder Is Removed From Device


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Currently, removing a folder from the Android client deletes the folder's contents on the device. I cannot overemphasize how BAD this is for troubleshooting. It means that the only way to remove and re-add a folder is to resync EVERYTHING in that folder, which is completely stupid especially if the folder in question is very large.


Please for God's sake remove that feature or at least make deletion of folder contents optional. I cannot fathom what the rationale behind the way things currently are could possibly have been.

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Could you please share the precise step-by-step scenario? I tried it in the lab with no success: upon folder disconnection Android version of Sync warns that no files are going to be removed and actually does not remove them.


1) In the Android app, tap the options icon (...) for the disconnected folder.

2) Tap Remove. You will see a warning that says, verbatim (emphasis mine):


This folder will be removed from all devices linked to your identity.

All synced files will be removed from all mobile devices.


[Cancel] [Remove]




I interpret the emphasized part to mean the folder's content will be deleted from my phone also, which is the issue I posted about originally. That's a really bad idea.

The only rationale I can find for this behavior is the Android app was known to not support pre-existing folders by the developers from the start *head explodes with frustration and anger*. Rather than fix that horrific core problem, BT made the decision to address it with the Band-Aid of deleting the folder entirely (WHAT? You're joking, right?) so that subsequent re-adding would work, at the expense of having to re-sync the entire folder from scratch. This is the equivalent of bulldozing a house to fix a window.


Even if that's what happened, it's extremely wrongheaded. There is absolutely no reason the Android app shouldn't support pre-existing folders; it not doing so defeats much of the purpose of Sync to begin with. Also, pre-existing folders were supported in 1.4.

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That prompt puts me into a cold sweat, too.  @RomanZ, is it just worded poorly?  It says it's going to remove all synced files from all mobile devices.

My sentiments exactly. I freak out every time I see it. It's almost malicious, as if the app is punishing the user.

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The files are not going to be removed on Android devices, so the removal text only relates to iOS and WinPhones.


These 2 mobile platforms are using sandboxes for apps, so as soon as the app itself does not expose folder - it can' be accessed with any other means. So, when you remove some folder in your "My Devices" mesh - it is going to be just disconnected on all desktops and Androids AND it will be DELETED on iOS and WinPhones.


Sorry for the scary text - it is applicable only to iOS and WinPhone. We'll fix it.

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