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I have sync 2 installed on my phone and btsync working on the server (OS is Win 8.1). I have a library that makes the calls to the API which is available on github (


The folder I have on the phone was created on the windows machine and the share sent to the phone which was then accepted. The problem is that anything put in that folder on the phone is not being synced back to the server or vice versa.


If I make any calls to the API through the library, the app also locks up. I'm guessing that this is down to the information I pass in when I instantiate the library. The problem is that the information on the API doesn't actually say what username and password it is?


For example, my own login to the windows box is fred/bloggs. Is it this that I use for the API username and login or do I use the folder name or the name of the sync server (which I've no idea what it is as it was set up ages ago - far longer ago than when I started to use sync for an app I'm developing and am not sure how to access under 2.0)?


Do I also need to have sync installed on the phone to be able to use the API to add folders etc? I've searched around but can't find a good answer to any of these questions!





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There is no API for mobile platforms. So, for the mobile you'll have to use regular Sync version.

For the login and pass - this is a protection from unauthorized access to your API. Sync API works via HTTP requests, therefore technically it can be controlled from anywhere. You can specify login and pass in the config file.

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