Synchronize Less Often From External Hd Than Local Hd


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 May be this is not a general problem or may be a new feature, but i explain my case:


 I have synced three folders between two MACs:


 folder A and B are in local HD on both MACs

 folder C is in external HD on both MACs


 Folder A and B are synced perfectly and immediately and i am happy with this.


 But folder C only want to sync one or two times per day, as external HDs go to sleep and changes are made once a day (really this is a backup copy), but BitTorrent Sync awake this external HDs very often and i think this short external HD life.


 So it would be very very interesting to choose some option to sync local drives normally but external drives to sync less often or one or two times a day or even to sync manually (as user request).



Thank you.



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IMD, that happens, because Sync scans folders periodically.

Thank you for suggestion about differnt options for each folder, we'll think about it adding it in future releases.

Now if you want to prevent external hdd from waking up for some time you can open Sync Settings => Advanced => More options and change "folder_rescan_interval" parameter (in seconds). If you set it to 18000 then your folders will be scanned by Sync only every 5 hours but also Sync will continue receiving notifications from OS if something changes. Please note that if something changes and OS don't tell Sync about it, Sync will only detect changes when next 5 hours-cycle ends.

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