[Already Implemented] Batch Setting For Folders (Predefined Hosts And Store Deleted Files Etc.)

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I'm setting up multiple NAS devices for my company. Right now there are 4 devices and we will get 2 more in the future.


We have 8 folders for sales team and 5 for accounting and contract and other 5 for designers.

It's a pain in the ass to set up every folder one by one just for the same predefined hosts and the check box of "store deleted files".


We do not back up the data in every NAS, so I have to un-check every folders.


And some folders have different predefined hosts due to their use. And some folders I can un-check tracker, lan and relay to make it pure p2p. It's tedious un-checking every single of them.


I would be very nice to have a feature to modify batch/group setting. Or maybe this can be pro only feature since pro users are setting up more than 10 folders.

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