File Re-Appearing Btsync 2.2.2


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With 2.2.2 you have fixed the auto delete issue (THANK YOU), but now I am getting a auto re-appear issue. When I use selective sync it happens consistently. Heres the scenario:


  • I add the file selectively on a certain computer
  • I use the file
  • I then right click and select remove from all devices
  • It dissapears like it should
  • Within 10 seconds it then reappears as a faded file ready to be synced again
  • If I then right click for a second time and select remove file from all devices it then permanently removes it


Can this be fixed so that I don't have to do this twice? I have only noticed this since 2.2.2.

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It sounds like these two bugs are fighting each other. This must be a regression because the version before 2.2.1 mentioned fixing this issue. I'm curious what quality control steps are in place or will be put in place to prevent this kind of bug in the future. This morning 2.2.1 (because I hadn't been prompted to upgrade to 2.2.2 yet) deleted my homework. I was lucky to have a backup but this kind of bug could be a nightmare especially for businesses that are paying for it. 


I should note that I'm not a business but I am an individual that paid for the Pro features. 

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