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  1. Glad it worked Agreed with you on all other points. When this program works, it works really well. When there's an's sometimes really hard to fix.
  2. Agreed, I would like cleanup of the folder to be done. I have 1/2 a gig of wasted space in my folder, but I don't know what I can delete.
  3. This happened to me when I was on 2.2.1. I would make sure that none of your computers are running that version, as I am assuming that even just 1 running it would cause the bug.
  4. Hmmm I'm not sure why it's turning back white for you, as I set the connection manually using the sync all function and it sticks for me. You can try this: Click on your devices icon from the main screen using the computer that is hainvg issuesClick on the right arrow symbol to the right of your computer nameChange the option from connected to Synced Hope it works!
  5. Agreed Phylter. I lost quite a few files due to the delete bug in 2.2.1. Luckily I had a dropbox backup ironlically. I am a Pro user as well.
  6. Hello, With 2.2.2 you have fixed the auto delete issue (THANK YOU), but now I am getting a auto re-appear issue. When I use selective sync it happens consistently. Heres the scenario: I add the file selectively on a certain computerI use the fileI then right click and select remove from all devicesIt dissapears like it shouldWithin 10 seconds it then reappears as a faded file ready to be synced againIf I then right click for a second time and select remove file from all devices it then permanently removes it Can this be fixed so that I don't have to do this twice? I have only noticed this
  7. Fantastic! Thank you for fixing the auto-delete file issue so quickly.
  8. Thank you...Man you are fast! Just to ensure my files are safe and becuase I have not done a lot of trouble shooting around this issue, have you isolated it to only Ipad or will I get this if i delete and re-add from PC's as well? Also what would be the ETA on the next update? BTSYNC ROCKS!
  9. Hello, I'm having a issue that I can't seem to fix and need some help. I am using BT Sync Pro 2.2.1 and have 4 computers, Ipad and Iphone being synced. The issue is that on my W Laptop I add a file, lets call it "family photo". On the Ipad I decide to remove from all devices and then a few minutes later I decide to copy the same file from another location on the W Laptop back into the folder. Bt Sync will then automatically delete the file within a few seconds, saying that the Ipad deleted it. I do a lot of multimedia editing and have to be able to delete, re-add, edit, etc and not being
  10. Agreed that this would be very useful. Please make 2 scheduling options. 1 For Internet Sync Traffic1 For LAN Sync Traffic
  11. Hello, I am one of those users that doesn't use the Store Deleted Files option on my folders and use Dropbox for funtionality for that. I have multiple sync folders and don't prefer to have to seletect each one to turn this off. Is there a way to add this to the main program setting as a tick box to turn on or off? It can still be left in each sync folders preference in case users want more individual control. Thanks for listening.
  12. Hello Team, I just purchased the pro user account due to the great new pricing model and have started using the selective syncing feature quite a bit. I know that on IOS there is a "show synced files" option but unless you are in the correct folder you may never find the synced files if you have thousands of files/folders. Would it be possible on both Windows and IOS (And other OS but I only use IOS and Windows) to have the option to see synced files only and it brings up a dedicated window showing all synced files? It could be grouped by folder or some other logical method and then give t