Automated Cleanup Of C:\users\name\appdata\roaming\bittorrent Sync


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I upgraded to Sync 2 a while back and now automatically install updates through BT sync. Then I remembered it is pretty common that developers don't put an effort into clean up mechanisms, especially after downloading upgrade files (Google might take the first price with Chrome). So I checked the BT Sync folder in Roaming and found it is pretty big. 919 MB to be exact. I have enough space on my PC, but on e.g. a cheap laptop with limited storage this would be an issue.

500 mb seems to be only log files and almost all the rest is for the database which I of course understand is essential. I also found that the previous versions executables are renamed and saved as .tmp files e.g. BTSync.exe.25160.tmp which I can understand is necessary in the update process, but I can not understand why they are kept afterwards?

Have a nice day!

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A late follow-up. I did a complete re-installation and then thoroughly reviewed everything in the settings and now I keep the sync folder in roaming to be about the same size as the database. I'm still on 2.1.4 because I had a lot of issues with later versions and 2.1.4 is flawless for me so if you're on a later version the settings look a little different. But what I've done is:


Under advanced settings:

- Untick "Always check for updates..."
- Untick "Enable debug logging"


Under advanced settings > more settings:

- Set log size to 1

- Disable "send statistics" (I assume this setting requires some kind of logging)


If you don't want to re-install you can in addition to what Moe said also delete all previous exe's looking like this: "BTSync.exe.25160.tmp"
Do NOT delete any *.db files, I think that's your file index.


Edit: If I exclude the database all other files take exactly 27,4 MB and that is since late september, so my settings work.

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