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Hello there,

I believe this isn't too difficult of a change request.

Is it possible to choose to sync certain folders on WiFi and others on 3G?

Use case:

Let's say I don't want to use "selective sync" on my photos folders because I want them all synced. But I don't need them synced over 3G. I can wait until I get some WiFi.

However I might have some work related folders that'd like synced as soon as they are updated.

If I turn sync over 3G on, I will have to sync the photos as well.

Constantly toggling selective sync on and off for combinations of folders depending on whether I'm on WiFi or 3G is a real hassle. Not to mention if I forgot and took my phone from a WiFi Hotspot without engaging the sync settings, it will eat unto my 3G.

So I believe the ability to toggle 3G / WiFi sync per folder would be something beneficial to all users.

BTSync is my goto app from syncing! I love the improvements along the way and even bought a user licence to support the development! ☺


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Another +1 for this.

I hava a similar use case as the OP: no need to backup photos and videos on cellular, but all markdown text notes (folder accessible from 3rd-party app) should sync instantly and always (no matter cell or wi-fi).

Dear developers, could you please add "Sync on wi-fi only" per-folder option to Resilio Sync mobile client? Combined with existing Selective Sync, much flexibility can be achieved:

  • all folders are synced in any network (wi-fi or cellular)
  • all folders are synced in any network, but some are synced fully, and some with placeholders (so no access to files for 3rd-party apps)
  • some folders are synced fully in any network, some folders are synced with placeholders in any network, and some are paused while no wi-fi available

Advanced per-folder settings on mobile devices could actually be a very needed feature, and I wonder why so few people have supported this request. o.O

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I also have another idea, a similar one.

In "Backup folders", there is already a toggle (on-off). Now this toggle is set manually, by the user. What I suggest is to add an option (in the app settings) something like "Automatically pause Backup folders without Wi-Fi connection". That is, when the phone is connected to wi-fi, the toggle behaves like now, it can be enabled or disabled manually (fig. 1). But when my proposed setting is activated, the toggle is greyed out and disabled (fig. 2) until wi-fi is enabled again.

Please see attachment below (I drew the concept).



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