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  1. Thanks for the latest phone app! 1. Per folder network (wifi/cell) syncing (haven't tested on a file, but seems to connect to peer) 2. Per sub-folder selective sync (works, but small bug -> folder says "empty" even though I synced 2 files in a sub folder) Features that I've actually asked for years ago. LOL Glad to see it's finally here! THANKS! And keep up the good work!
  2. Hi, I tested this a couple of times, using the latest Sync Pro on desktop and Sync on a Xiaomi M1 A1 (Android 8.0.0) phone. When I click a file to download using selective sync on my phone SD Card, it becomes a 0B file. Just did a few extra tests and apparently when I copy a file into the SD Card (full) sync it becomes a 0B file too, as does Sync from my desktop. That's interesting because it previously synced my Albums fine onto my SD card though it destroyed my music folder later on. On my phone's internal memory, it syncs my screenshots and camera photos fine to my desktop.
  3. HI @Helen I am using and it just says "take too long to respond" On both my Laptop and another server, I can see that the node is connected via one of the shared folders. I just can't access the WebUI after upgrading to 2.5
  4. Hi I have a no Web UI issue too. But I'm not sure if it's the same problem as his. On my X64 VPS, the sync is running and I can verify that it's connected to my PC. However I can't access the web UI. The browser just won't connect. Did any configuration settings change for 2.5? I run it with my old config.json
  5. Hi, after updating, Sync continuously starts, then probably dies and keeps trying to start. I did a "clear data" and "clear cache". Then it started. I went through the setup. Then it gave me an option to exit, so I exited. Note that I did not add any folders. Just went through the inital setup. Upon exit, it has the same start up issue. "clear data" again and it starts again to the setup. On Stock ASUS ZenFone 2 MarshMellow
  6. Intriguing. I went into the Storage setting and it says SD card. However, when I view with Total Commander, it says USB. But X-plore also lists it as an SD card. It is mounted off /storage/xxxxx I was able to get the access for X-plore and Total Commander ...maybe QuickPic as well (don't recall if I needed to do this for Quickpick but probably did) and perhaps others, but Sync is the only app that I have tried to gain access to the SD card and doesn't work.
  7. Detected another bug ... if I already had folders synced, and I change the { "device_name": "newname" } it will crash the ARM/Linux version of Sync. I changed it back to the old name and at least my VPS sync (2.4.2) doesn't seem to repeatedly crash. My Raspberry Pi sync (2.4.1) crashes about once every few hours even for only two folders synced.
  8. I can confirm that Resilio crashes often for the Linux arm version, both on my Raspberry Pi, and on another Debian based VPS. In fact, I needed to write a script to check if sync dies every hour and then restarts sync if it is dead. BTSync worked fine until I upgraded to rslsync.
  9. Hello! I'm running stock Marshmallow on my Asus Zenfone 2. I have a problem with trying to access my SD card on Resilio Sync. With other applications, I am taken to the document picker and am able to choose my SD card and choose the root SD folder to grant permissions. I have done that with Total Commander and X-Plore among other applications so I know this is not an OS bug. When I select the SD card in Resilio Sync however, I'm taken to a document picker with nothing to pick. I have unistalled and reinstalled Sync several times, trying various options like cleari
  10. Hello there, I believe this isn't too difficult of a change request. Is it possible to choose to sync certain folders on WiFi and others on 3G? Use case: Let's say I don't want to use "selective sync" on my photos folders because I want them all synced. But I don't need them synced over 3G. I can wait until I get some WiFi. However I might have some work related folders that'd like synced as soon as they are updated. If I turn sync over 3G on, I will have to sync the photos as well. Constantly toggling selective sync on and off for combinations of folders depending on whether I'm on WiFi