[Solved] Does BTSync use file timestamps to check for file changes?

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Recently I copied some images to a BTSync share. After they had synced I noticed that many of the original files were corrupted (this was nothing to do with BTSync) so I re-copied them, preserving their timestamps. Most of the updates have not synced to the two clients. Is this because their timestamps haven't changed?

If so, is the only way around this to delete/rename the directory? If so is there any way to make this process more efficient than resyncing the entire directory? (I'd rather not alter the timestamps.)

Thanks, Jamie

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This does seem to be due to the timestamps not changing. I overcame this by adding a second to all timestamps

find DIRECTORY -print | while read filename; do
    touch -d "$(date -r "$filename") + 1 second" "$filename"

I hoped that this would be efficient, but the checksums were different of even the files that looked ok and BTSync appeared to resync all the data.

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