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  1. Regarding the IPs of peers see answer here:
  2. Is it possible to get the IP address of a peer, either through the web gui or the Linux command line? Weirdly I couldn't seem to see the connection using lsof or netstat.
  3. Thanks, I didn't realise it was so easy to set up an SSH tunnel.
  4. Would it be madness to make the webgui available publicly, or is this ok as long as you use a strong password? Do attackers have as long as they like to brute force the credentials, or is there some rate limiting and/or IP banning on failed logins implemented by BTSync?
  5. I have a couple of complaints about the new forums. i) I think it's really poor that links don't forward from the old forums. You now have a load of dead links all over the place, including Google currently. ii) I really don't like the automatic formatting, I don't like what it does and I don't think it's implemented well. If I write a "b" and then a bracket I get a "", and then if I go and edit this, then try edit something else the caret jumps all over the place.
  6. I want to move a directory within my BTSync share, ie, I don't want to move the whole sync location, just a directory (and files within it). Is the best way to do this to a) move it on one share and let BTSync propagate the move, or manually move the directory on all shares and let BTSync reindex all the files and realise that it is still in sync? I tried option but BTSync started doing some heavy syncing and started creating .Conflict files and directories and I got scared and stopped it.
  7. I have a file on a (read-only) share that I need to resync, ie, I want it overwritten with the original. I've tried changing the modified date to before the date of the original and deleting it but neither has caused it to be resynced. Is there a way I can achieve this without touching the original file?
  8. This does seem to be due to the timestamps not changing. I overcame this by adding a second to all timestamps find DIRECTORY -print | while read filename; do touch -d "$(date -r "$filename") + 1 second" "$filename" done I hoped that this would be efficient, but the checksums were different of even the files that looked ok and BTSync appeared to resync all the data.
  9. Recently I copied some images to a BTSync share. After they had synced I noticed that many of the original files were corrupted (this was nothing to do with BTSync) so I re-copied them, preserving their timestamps. Most of the updates have not synced to the two clients. Is this because their timestamps haven't changed? If so, is the only way around this to delete/rename the directory? If so is there any way to make this process more efficient than resyncing the entire directory? (I'd rather not alter the timestamps.) Thanks, Jamie