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  1. Posted there:-
  2. I'd like to see the iOS "automatic backup" feature allow you to use the new protocol secrets (Not 'A' and 'B', but, 'D', 'E', and, 'F', (I.E. type=encrypted)). Currently it's only using the legacy, unencrypted model and I'd much rather prefer to encrypt the files (Using the R/W key) on the iPad, then sync it to an encrypted node (Using the 'encryption' key):- { "encryption": "FUJXG7S25VWMKWAK55GDBK6R2OB5TUEJX", "read_only": "EUJXG7S25VWMKWAK55GDBK6R2OB5TUEJX5ES4KC7YMFG4PMZHFNGQ4S2DAI", "read_write": "DF7IAYFGGUFXTPV3KCW2EGIGTOJ5PLKC3" } So, basically, what I'm asking for is for me to manually
  3. When said backup, I meant less of an actual backup (I.E. protection against user error) and more an extra node to store a redundant copy, somewhat like raid, just, in a network rather than on raw HDDs.
  4. Unfortunately, I do admit I wasn't thinking with the DynDNS as I only run three clients (2*DynIPs, both owned by me, 1*Static IP, which is a server I lease).
  5. Am I the only one wondering why the pricing on these companies are so high? They're almost dropbox prices, and, dropbox can only get away with it because they draw you in offering 64GB+ of free storage, and, are so damn popular. These small companies should be charging a couple cent per GB per month, not eight (Like dropbox). Hell, most of these companies only store in one location* (At-least, the two I tried with 'trials'), raid != backup. You could have a raid one array with five hundred and twelve drives, it doesn't matter, if you have a power outage, or, environmental issue (Earthquake,
  6. Also, some other notice: They've mentioned somewhere that they are unable to shutdown the BitTorrent Sync service. This is not 100% correct. Indeed, it is correct for LAN-only environments with activated peer discovery. But what if they shut down the tracker and relay servers? External connections would not be possible anymore.You can always create your own tracker and relay server, described below:- Tracker:- Simply own a domain name (, have it on a dynamic DNS, constantly update the subdomains with your computers IPs, such as:- Laptop.example.orgDesktop.example.orgWork.example.
  7. I came just to post this. My friend needs a method to securely keep her photos in the cloud for free*, unfortunately, I don't wish to have access to her files, not only because I want her to be able to trust it, but, on top of that, I personally don't trust some of my hosts (I.E. storing files for redundancy on computer I don't control, some of which, are dodgy hosts), so, I wish to use the "Encrypted" mode of BTSync (Which, works amazingly using the 'Sync' option), so, only she has the R/W key on her device, I just have the encrypted version. Unfortunately, as it stands, we either have to:-
  8. Due to the nature of BitTorrent sync, there is no central server. Let's consider the 'Synchronization' system in two different methods, the "Dropbox" method, and, the "BitTorrent Sync" method. I would first of all like to state that the "Dropbox" and "BitTorrent sync" methods are not unique to their respected application (Dropbox & BitTorrent Sync), however, it's easier to explain it like that. So, first of all, the 'Dropbox' method. This method allows you to seemingly be able to 'upload' one device's data when all other devices are offline, then, 'download' another device's data when al
  9. BTSync shouldn't start on startup, at-least, it doesn't for me. May I ask how you installed it?
  10. Actually, I'm super confused on what was happening, if you could connect via localhost, it sounds like it was listening. My best guess is that considering 8080 is a very popular port, for some reason it was let past your firewall while all other ports were blocked. May I ask, do you have a firewall setup/does your host have any firewalls?
  11. Okay, two more things to try, one listening on ALL hosts (You may have set up your listening port incorrectly):- Replace: "listen": "serverip:44444",With:- "listen": "",And try that config. If it still doesn't work, can you go ahead and type (While BTSync is running):- curl -i -u username:password | egrep "HTTP|Set-Cookie"Obviously replacing username and password. You may also want to remove the value of the GUID cookie. I'm not sure if it's just not listening, or, only listening to certain devices. You may also want to try netstat with
  12. It clearly notates:- // !!! if you set shared folders in config file WebUI will be DISABLED !!!So, there's your issue. Here's a fully edited version (With comments removed as I find them annoying):- { "device_name": " btsync", "listening_port": 0, "storage_path": "/home/www/doc/41467373/", "pid_file": "/home/www/doc/41467373/", "check_for_updates": true, "use_upnp": true, "download_limit": 0, //kB/s "upload_limit": 0, //kB/s "webui": { "listen": "serverip:44444", "login": "thisisthelogin", "password": "thisisapass
  13. How do I get information about peers? For instance:- 1. Who's connected (IP) 2. What port 3. Their 'nice' name 4. What files they've got/downloaded/have 100% of. 5. How much I've got to upload to them 6. How much I've got to download from them 7. Speed I am uploading to them 8. Speed I am downloading from them 9. What port their WEB-UI is on (Useful for then querying them via the API, chain reactions!)* *9 could very easily be replaced with some kind of 'remote' api function. EDIT:- I'm an idiot. 3, 5 and 6 are answered with "get_folder_peers". However, 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and 9 are still unan
  14. I have this issue regularly because I run quite a few other pieces of web-based software on the same host. I'm still unsure (Mainly due to laziness), but, one of the following causes cookie issues with BTSync:- 1. Sabnzbd 2. Sickbeard 3. Couchpotato 4. Headphones5. Transmission 6. Plex Media Server 7. (Unlikely) unRAID web-UI or the 'simple features' update for it. Now, fix is easy, simple delete the cookies for the host. Only one cookie actually causes an error, however, I can't remember exactly what that cookie was. If you want to tell me your cookie key values for the host running BTSyn
  15. Could you please give us your 'sync.conf' file contents? Minus, of course, username/password/api_key