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I have a windows 10 64x box with Sync setup as a Service that im using as a server.

I had a 650gb share, that never showed a 'Synced' time and when you looked at the peers online it would always show the number of files syncing (which im guessing was the number of files in the folder) BUT they were actually in sync.. You could add a file and it would copy over, it would just never say it was, This was the same on both server and main pc.

When my main PC went to sleep it would then get woken up, i checked the power up reason and it was the network, so something sent it a wake up signal, and it would just keep doing this in a loop when the sleep timer hit. It would sleep for maybe a maximum of 30 seconds.

Now when i killed the service on the 'server' my main PC could goto sleep and not be woken up. Now to me is a bit fishy, and as i only have one server and one app running on it. I have to point my finger to the one installed app which is sync.

Does Sync keep machines awake when it still thinks it needs to sync.

I'm going to try and break up the 650gb folder into smaller chunks to see if i will actually complete syncing and give that a try.

Both on Windows 10 64x using Version 2.3.3 (296)


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@Shad0wWulf That's rather strange. Sync does not send magic packets which cause other peers to wake up. For the undelivered files - I suggest checking for any files / folders that Sync has no permissions to access, as well as checkning that there no any read-only files there.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have checked them all seem to have permissions but it didn't help, So i did what i said i was going to and split it into 6 different folders based of the content and they are all now syncing and have a sync time now.

The WoL issue still gets me, I guess i will keep digging. I'm sure its a setting ive screwed up somewhere.


Thanks for your help

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